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RRT Dummy Launcher

RRT Dummy Launcher


The dummy launcher is a practical aid for training retriever, it combines the sound of a shot with the flight of the dummy for a complete and superior training exercise. The accompanying sound of the dummy launcher also eliminates the use of a blank pistol. Guaranteed for three years to be free of manufacturing defects. 1 Year guarantee for dummies.

  • The dummies are launched up to 3 times further than if hand thrown and can be used on land or water.
  • The head is constructed of cast aluminium and the barrel from high grade aluminium which prevents rust or corrosion.
  • The firing pain is made from stainless steel with a brass seat that prevents the build up of residue in the handle.
  • As a result, it minimises the amount of cleaning required.
  • The thumb latch closes automatically for simple one handed opening and closing
  • The dummy launcher uses .22 blank power charges for throwing power.
  • With Red Plastic Dummy