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Shopping is safe! – Marsh Farm Country Security Guarantee

Guarantee Details:

Our customers have never encountered fraudulent use of their credit card as a result of using the services of Marsh Farm Country. Our services are tested and approved for connection directly to the major credit card organisations.

In the unlikely event of your card details being used fraudulently as a result of using the Marsh Farm Country web site you should contact the Customer Services Team as a matter of urgency.

Please be aware that as long as you have card protection, any amounts in excess of £50 are then legal liability of your bank or card issuer.


Keep 'your' account details and password a secret. As long as you are logged out at the end of a transaction you will have to use YOUR password to enter the site next time you visit.

Do not send credit/debit card details via standard email as this is not secure, please use the payment system provided.

In the unlikely event of unauthorised card use please be sure to contact your card issuer immediately as per your contractual arrangement with them.

Data Protection

All information supplied by you and held on our servers will not be passed to any third party at any time. All the information we hold about you remains secure on our servers.

General Information and Internet Browsers:

From time to time a notice may appear on your screen alerting you to the fact that you are moving from a secure server to one which is not secure. Do not be alarmed by this. The secure part is where we take personal or credit card details from you and is covered by our security guarantee.

Occasionally you will see a message displayed on your browser that indicates that the security certificate is invalid. This is not related to Marsh Farm Country or any of our sites. This means that the version of the browser you are using is invalid and you will need to update. This can be done by contacting your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or your browser provider (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator).

Marsh Farm Country sites are compatible with the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox 3 and newer, Internet Explorer Version 7.0 and newer and most other recent browsers. If you have any further questions regarding security and Marsh Farm Country you can contact us here.