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MacWet Climatec Gloves

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These highly practical sporting gloves from MacWet have been cleverly designed to help you achieve a high standard of performance in wet weather conditions. Made from clever Aquatec® and Climatec® materials to help you maintain a firm and secure grip, whilst also keeping your hands warm and comfortable come sun, rain, or snow. Perfect for shooting, golf and equestrian sports.

MacWet Climatec® gloves for outdoor sports
65% Polyamide, 31% Polyurethane and 4% Elastane
Designed with a fleece coating on the backs of the gloves
The AquaTec® material helps to maintain maximum grip, sensitivity, feel and comfort at all times, no matter how wet or humid
In use, MacWet gloves dry naturally within 5-10 minutes adjusting to the climate, keeping grip & sensitivity consistent
Skin tight fit allows for fine adjustment of equipment without the need to remove the gloves
Windproof and water resistant
Machine washable on a max 40°C

How to measure:
To ensure your glove fits like a second skin, take a tape measure and measuring in centimetres, place the tape measure across the fleshy bit of skin just under your four fingers to give you your size. 7cm (size 7) is considered a medium women’s size whilst 8cm (size 8) is considered to be a medium man’s size. Washing by hand or machine at 40 degrees will help ensure that glove performance is kept maximised.


Sizes -
6 - 6cm
7 - 7cm
8 - 8cm
9 - 9cm
10 - 10cm
11 - 11cm

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