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Harkila Clim8 Heated Waistcoat - Willow Green

£319.99 £349.99

The Clim8 Insulated Waistcoat is the ultimate companion for those seeking warmth and comfort in cold weather. Engineered with advanced features, unparalleled functionality & cutting edge technology, the heated waistcoat is designed to keep you warm in any winter environment.

Equipped with a large heat pad on the back, the clim8 insulated waistcoat ensures optimal heat distribution across your core, allowing you to stay active and enjoy your outdoor activities to the fullest. The men’s heated waistcoat incorporates a reflective heating layer, down insulation, and a wind resistant lining. The reflective heating layer efficiently retains and radiates heat, while the down insulation provides superior insulation against the chill. The wind resistant lining acts as a barrier, shielding you from cold gusts and ensuring your comfort in any weather condition.

For a tailored and comfortable fit, the waistcoat features elasticated armholes and bottom hem. This elasticated fit does not only provide comfort but also prevents heat loss, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of the waistcoat's heating capabilities. The waistcoat has a dedicated stow pocket for your power bank which ensures uninterrupted heating performance throughout the day.

The convenient & intelligent "Set & Forget" app allows you to adjust the temperature of your waistcoat from your smartphone. Alternatively, you can use the conveniently placed button on the waistcoat itself to control the heat levels on the go. 


Main Fabric: 100% Polyester, Woven light, WR

Lining: 100% Polyester, Printed Taffeta

Padding: Duck down


  • Large heat pad on back
  • Intelligent 'Set & Forget' app control & tap button for heat control
  • Reflective heating layer, down insulation & wind resistant lining
  • Zipped horizontal chest pocket and side zip pockets
  • Elasticated armholes & bottom hem for snug fit
  • Zipped inner pocket & stow pocket for power bank


PLEASE NOTE: This waistcoat does not come with the power bank.