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Franchi Affinity 3 Wood 12 Gauge semi Auto


Franchi Affinity 3 Shot Semi Auto With Wood Stock

28" Barrel Multi Choke Perfect for pigeon shooting, clay shooting, woodland walks, Affinity 3 Wood is a Franchi shotgun to use without too attracting too much attention, exactly what is needed to go game ,pigeon or clay. This semiautomatic's receiver is made of black anodized aluminum alloy. Cartridge release button, loading port and bolt handle are bigger.The Affinity 3 Wood smooth barrel is available in 28" in 12 gauge .Like every Franchi, it is developed according to the indications of the Evolved Ergono-X platform, which returns the shotgun with perfect shapes, utterly at one with the hunter's arm. It also enjoys a 7-year warranty on mechanical parts, the best in its class.