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RWS Quick Sharp Knife Sharpener

RWS Quick Sharp Knife Sharpener


The RWS Quick-Sharp Knife Sharpener is a one-stop sharpening kit, ideal for use both in the field and at home. It features both carbide and ceramic shears, allowing you to take your knife from dull to razor sharp in just minutes.

Simple, quick and very effective, the RWS Sharpener features two proven sharpening systems, meaning that even badly damaged blades can be made sharp again. The carbide set of shears can be used first for basic sharpening, while the ceramic shears are used for finishing. Its compact and ultra-light design makes it easy to pop into your rucksack or belt pouch when heading out for the day. Additionally, it can of course be used around the home for kitchen knives and other tools.

Please note that the instructions provided with your sharpener will be written in German only. Therefore, we have translated the instructions for you here. To use, position the Quick-Sharp on a flat, firm surface and pull your knife through the Carbide shears at a 90 degree angle to the sharpener, maintaining a light pressure as you go. Once the required result is achieved, turn the Quick-Sharp over and pass the blade through the ceramic shears to put a fine, finishing edge to your knife. Non-slip rubber inserts on the top and bottom panels help to keep the sharpener in place.


  • Carbide shears for coarse grinding
  • Ceramic shears for fine grinding
  • Weight: 52 g
  • Small, mobile and practical
  • Non-slip standing surface
  • Contoured holding surfaces