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Ridgeline Igloo Button Down Bush Shirt - Navy

£55.00 £74.99

Ridgeline Igloo Button Down Bush Shirt is a robust hardwearing windproof and weatherproof warm fleece shirt designed for those tough jobs outdoors. This Classic Ridgeline fleece shirt can be easily worn over your work clothes for a comfortable lightweight outer layer that will offer you shelter from the elements with good pockets and zipped handwarmer pockets.

The front is fastened with a stud closure and the cuffs are closed with Velcro which keeps out the wind and rain keeping you dry and comfortable. This Ridgeline Igloo button down men's shirt is quick drying and breathable for outdoor activity throughout the seasons. This well constructed windproof button down shirt makes a great mid or outer layer for work on the farm or out in the field.

  • Made from 340 Pro Southern Star Fleece for warmth, windproof and moderate shower weatherproof protection
  • Zipped and domed pockets with flap closure to keep the water and dirt out
  • High stand up collar for added protection
  • Velcro Cuffs for a secure fit around your wrists
  • Zipped hand warmer pockets for storage and warmth