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Redeye Eye Dominance Correction

Redeye Eye Dominance Correction

  • £29.95

Suitable for shooters of shotguns, rifles, air rifles, handguns, air soft, bows, crossbows, in fact, any weapon that can be visually sighted. Redeye will help correct any Master Eye Dominance problems, fully adjustable, so getting onto the target will be faster and more accurate.

Instructions for use

Right handed shooter, for left hand, reverse

1) Place the required sized Redeye into the palm of your left hand, either 16mm, 12mm, 10mm or 8mm, rest the outside of the left hands lens (which is your non shooting eye) onto the Redeye.
2) Drop an 8mm Redeye onto the inside of the lens (it will find its own centre).
3) Move the Redeye to a position that blanks out the target for your left eye, in your normal Gun Mount position, then adjust as necessary.


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