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Le Chameau Mens Colza Chelsea Boots

Le Chameau Mens Colza Chelsea Boots

  • £65.00

The Colza boot is robust shoe that is perfect if you spend long periods of time gardening. Reinforced 3mm rubber helps to protect your feet from rocks, gravel, stones, sticks and branches, as well as much more. The waterproof rubber is perfect for muddy gardens, as it features a quick drying, removable sole if you manage to get water into your boots. All in all, the Golza is perfect for keen gardener who is looking for a more supportive style of gardening foot that is still protective and comfortable.


  • Natural rubber build
  • Reinforced 3mm welly boots
  • Strong and durable
  • Robust gardening shoes
  • Mid height
  • Ideal gardening footwear

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