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Le Chameau Ceres Jersey Wellingtons

  • £70.00
  • Save £30

Le Chameau and Michelin have combined their knowledge to create a line of innovative wellies. They join the lightness and style of a classic Le Chameau wellington boot with the performance of a Michelin rubber sole to create an agricultural welly with a strengthened and larger XL upper.


  • Natural rubber, reinforced leg
  • Resistant and comfortable jersey lining
  • Michelin rubber sole
  • Great for agricultural use
  • Handmade by Le Chameau
  • The sole has the same structure as a Michelin tyre with Ultraflex technology for grip, comfort and resistance
  • Improved soil grip thanks to the increased number of contact zones
  • Auto-cleaning structure which evacuates the soil during the flexing of the sole
  • Resistant to soil abrasion thanks to homogeneous pressure on the contact zones

 Free green wellington boot bag included with purchase


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